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Pick of the month - april 2018

Pick of the Month is where we choose a product that we think is the bee's knees. We'll go into extraordinary depth of the product and explain why we think it's brilliant. We'll also point out where it falls short. For people who like skipping and reading just a summary, you can read that if you click here. To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.

Our Pick of the Month for April 2018 is the...

baby brezza formula pro

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is a revolutionary piece of technology. Everyone loves the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, but this is the real deal. I like to think of the Perfect Prep Machine as a kettle and the Formula Pro as the coffee maker. Storing and mixing the formula powder, after a few uses it will go from a luxury to a necessity.

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Suitable for any bottle brand and size, narrow or wide neck. The typical 2-10 oz bottle are filled by adjusting the base. This lets you make the perfect amount of milk for baby and none to be wasted by over or under making amounts. The bottles are made to a near body temperature, so baby can be fed straight away. The formula is also perfectly mixed and dispensed to the perfect consistency with minimal air bubbles. Most bottles will be completely mixed and additional shaking.

water warmer

The water is warmed to the side of the unit. Capable of storing 50 oz of water, Heated to near body temperature and a large opening mean it is very practical. The opening allows for easier cleaning and filling.

control panel

All of the controls are centralised and very easy to understand. Plug in your Formula Pro and wait for the temperature gauge to stay solid. This indicates that the water is fully heated. Next select your bottle size - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 oz - and hit start. The bottle will be made within 30 seconds, an incredible speed.

If your funnel is not correctly inserted a red light will indicate this.

formula storage

The formula storage is airtight for a whopping 700 g of formula powder. Compatible with most formula powder brands, it is very practical. 5 internal fans ensure a smooth and consistent bottle, minimising the amount of air bubbles. The storage can also be easily removed for cleaning. I recommend cleaning the Formula Pro every 6-8 weeks. Once cleaned it should be left for a day to naturally dry, to prevent any cloggage.


Things they did right

Baby Brezza have created a brilliant piece of technology. For parents with a busy time schedule and a baby who is hungry at odd times of the day, this is a perfect combination. It is also perfect for multiple baby's, the speed at which a ready made bottle is prepared is amazing. Heated to a near body temperature for immediate feeding means no more waiting as it cools down.

+ Fast at making ready to go bottles
+ Sleek design
+ Easy to clean
+ Easy to use
+ Suitable with most formula brands

things they can do better

The main issue I found with the Formula Pro was the price. It is quite pricey at £195.00, however you are getting what you pay for. I can make a cup of coffee with a cheap kettle but the ease of use I have with a Jura Coffee Maker makes my life so much easier. As it doesn't accept all formula brands, if you're adamant to a particular powder this may be problematic

- Price
- Doesn't accept all formula brands

all in all

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro does exactly what it says on the box. It makes a perfectly consistent bottle at the press of a button. Though it may be a bit expensive I consider it a brilliant investment.

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