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pick of the month - february 2019

Pick of the Month is where we choose a product that we think is the bee's knees. We'll go into extraordinary depth of the product and explain why we think it's brilliant. We'll also point out where it falls short. For people who like skipping and reading just a summary, you can read that if you click here. To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.

Our pick of the month now includes a bonus discount code, found at the bottom of the article!

Our Pick of the Month October 2018 is the...

tonie starterbox

The Tonie Starterbox is a revolutionary new invention for story telling. Introducing a whole new world of adventure and fun for children. With story's downloaded for anytime playing, with adorable figurines, they can have fun at home or out and about. You can also record your own audio with the creative Tonies. Letting you sing a sweet lullaby or a family favourite tale.

For full information click here.


The toniebox is a cute little cube - softly padded and cuddly, it's made for hugs. Once charged, the Toniebox can last for 7 hours, ready for those long car journeys. The 2 ears can be squeezed to change volume. Tilting the box can make it rewind and fast forward, letting you get to your favourite song faster. The smart technology sets the Toniebox to sleep, once it's finished playing a bedtime story, no need to tip toe into baby's room to turn off the music.

Connecting the Toniebox to the Toniecloud lets you adjust the settings, such as volume and access rights, ensuring your children get what they're meant to.

the tonie

The Tonie is the figurine that you attach to the Toniebox. Once connected, the figurine automatically downloads and plays the content, ensuring no downtime. You can learn, sing and listen to story's and songs that each provide. With a multitude of Tonies available for all ages, they grow with your child. From songs about the Wheels on The Bus to educational chapters about Dinosaurs.

You can also record your own songs and story's with the creative Tonies. You can add to them via the Toniecloud or via an app on your phone.


things they did right

The Toniebox is a revolutionary new design. Growing with your child and offering beautifully read story's your child will grow to love the Toniebox. The creative Tonies allows for some great customising, so you can your baby can listen to you read - even if you're not at home.

+ Cuddy cube
+ Fantastic voice actors
+ Fully bespoke Tonies

things they can do better

The starting price for the Toniebox can be a bit high, but with new technology this is always the case. The discount code at the in end of this read should help out though. Some of the Toniebox's are also a bit plain in single colours, if they came with a design it would make them a bit more fashionable.

- Plain colours

all in all

The Tonie Starterbox is a fantastic way to get your children into story's and songs. Fun and practical for parents and children of all ages.

discount code

Use the discount code 'FEB2019' at purchase of any Tonie product, for a 10% discount.

For full information click here.

To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.
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