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Great, you've figured out what you want to buy. You've chosen the colours of your pram & picked out the perfect furniture set. Now it's the not so fun bit - the payment. We would find it scary to pay £799 for a Joolz Geo and have nothing but a receipt for it. Not to mention all the months you have to save up for it! Fortunately for you, we've made it a lot easier with our deposit scheme.

When purchasing a pushchair, car seat or furniture there will be a payment option. If you're feeling brave or have already been saving up you can purchase the item in full. For the rest of us there is a deposit option. By entering 'DEPOSIT' as the code, at checkout, you only pay for 20% of the total value. At the checkout page just let us know when you would like your item to be delivered to you. We normally recommend having it at your home about 1 month in advance - just in case there is a premature birth.

When you're ready to have it delivered to you simply purchase the item again but enter code 'BALANCE' at the checkout. Leave us a note explaining your previous order number, delivery address and we'll get it sent out to you! To make this easier we recommend making an account so you can find what you purchased last time very easily - saves you having to go through a bunch of emails! Hopefully this helps you get the Egg Jurassic Black ltd. edition without having to save up for a few months.

For example, if you wanted the Joolz Geo (Earth Collection, Parrot Blue Fabric & Mono Configuration) the normal value would be £799. If you choose to leave a deposit the value to pay is now £159.80. At the checkout page you would leave us a note that you would like the pram delivered in approx. 4 months.

When you want it delivered, make the same selection as last time, but enter 'BALANCE' and pay what is left. Leave us the note of your previous order number, with delivery address, and we'll have it sent out to you. Easy-peasy!