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pick of the month - march 2018

Pick of the Month is where we choose a product that we think is the bee's knees. We'll go into extraordinary depth of the product and explain why we think it's brilliant. We'll also point out where it falls short. For people who like skipping and reading just a summary, you can read that if you click here. To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.

Our Pick of the Month for March 2018 is the...

Venicci soft

The Venicci soft is a pushchair that has it all. Available in 7 fabrics and 2 chassis, it is a pseudo-bespoke product. This means that you can have the pram, exactly as you like it. All the colours are gender neutral, so throw in a pink or blue blanket and it looks ready for a boy or girl. Though there are some interesting colours, like 'Denim Sky' there are safer ones, like the 'Denim Grey'. The denim stitch design is brilliant for hiding dirt, it can be dusty and muddy but you won't be able to notice, unless if you're actively looking.

For full colours and dimensions, please click here.


Starting with the chassis, it is an extremely movable unit. The swivel wheels allow for superb maneuverability. You can dodge around anyone or thing that gets in your way. These wheels can be set to a swivel or fixed position, ideal for urban and park environment, respectively. The wheel position is adjusted by rotating a button at the top of the wheel. You do not need to manually line up the wheel, which keeps your hands free from dirt and mud. They can also be removed by pressing the top button and reattached by pushing back in. The back wheels have this feature and can be removed in a similar fashion. The rear axle features twin, adjustable suspension. When baby is young you want lots of suspension, as they get older and start throwing tantrums, you can lower the suspension - so they don't shake the pram as much. Pneumatic wheels compliment the suspension, for an even smoother ride. The brake can be activated by pushing down and released by repeating this motion. Saving the tip of your shoe from damage. Finally, folding the chassis is quite easily done. Completed in a single motion, it fits into most cars. Units are removed from the chassis by releasing a mechanism, one side at a time. This is especially helpful for mums, as bending over and picking up the carrycot may be difficult, especially if there was a C-section.


Featuring a handle built into the hood, it can be picked up from the ground without having to bend over. Like the old Silver Cross prams, the backrest can raise to multiple positions. This allows for your baby to stay in the carrycot for longer, up to 7 or even 8 months. Though narrow, it is long enough for baby to remain comfortable. The hood can be extended, so that no bright lights wake up sleeping baby. With a rocking base, you can keep baby relaxed when at your parents, or can be set to a fixed standing position. When baby outgrows the carrycot it can be collapsed to a height of approximately 15 cm. Allowing for it to be stored in any cupboard.

seat unit

Completing the pram, the seat unit faces both directions and goes to a complete lie flat. Better than its ergonomic counterparts, your baby can sleep in a more comfortable environment. Again, the extendable hood ensures that when they are sleeping, they stay that way. The hood also features a mesh, so you can keep an eye on your baby, when they are forward facing. A liner is included, to give your baby a bit more comfort.

car seat

The Venicci Soft is completed as a travel system with the purchase of a car seat. Matching the rest of your pram, it is a gorgeous addition. This can be installed with either a seat belt or the ISOFIX. The ISOFIX is compatible with cars that do not even have ISOFIX fittings, allowing for you to easily install the car seat. Green mechanical lights let you know that everything has been installed safely and securely. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the Venicci car seat adapters and install a Maxi-Cosi instead. So if you're upgrading your pram but want to keep the same car seat, you can do that.


Including all the accessories you could possibly need. You get a changing bag, cupholder, car seat adapters, raincover, mosquito net and 2 tyre covers. The tyre covers might be a bit over the top, but they're a wonderful piece when you put your pram away in the shed. All these accessories are included in the base cost. The only one not, that we recommend, is the ISOFIX base. This makes installing car seat so much easier, as outlined above.


Things they did right

Venicci have created a pram that can do pretty much anything you want it to do. Though there are better alternatives for metro and countryside living, it is able to do it all to a good standard. The best thing about it is the suspension. For such a small, modern pram it's suspension is superb. You can take your baby anywhere you want and they will sleep through a gentle rock. There's a massive selection of colours available, so you can colour coordinate all your baby's stuff. Finally, the price is extremely competitive. At only £461.00 for the pram and £549.00 for the travel system you can hardly go wrong.

+ Does everything pretty well, regardless of your lifestyle
+ Great suspension
+ Great selection of colours to choose from
+ Priced competitively

things they can do better

One of the few gripes we can have with Venicci is the shopping basket space. It's not particularly big and if you're planning a shop with more than 3 bags, you're going to have to hang them from your handlebar. Folding the pram also requires the front wheels to be in a rearward facing position. Though it's not the end of the world, not many prams have a set up prior to folding.

- Shopping basket isn't too big
- Wheels must be in reverse position prior to folding

all in all

The Venicci Soft does a lot of things right and is an ideal first pram for first time parents. It is extremely easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. Your baby will be very comfortable whilst in the pram and it is still easy for the parent to use.

For full colours and dimensions, please click here.

To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.
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