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pick of the month - march 2019

Pick of the Month is where we choose a product that we think is the bee's knees. We'll go into extraordinary depth of the product and explain why we think it's brilliant. We'll also point out where it falls short. For people who like skipping and reading just a summary, you can read that if you click here. To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.

Our pick of the month now includes a bonus discount code, found at the bottom of the article!

Our Pick of the Month March 2019 is the...

bebylux the one

The Bebylux The One is the most stylish infant carrier on the market. It is 'The One' for any parent that wants a luxurious car seat for their new born baby. Customisable with bevels, the unit can be made even more luxurious.

For full information click here.

the one

The one is a gorgeous car seat. With rear ventilation, your baby is able to cool themselves if too hot. It also provides a steady flow of air to the baby's head. The car seat hood is a light fabric but it provides a tough 50 UV rating, keeping baby safe from harmful UV rays. Soft interior padding ensures a cosy and comfortable ride for your baby.

The smooth leatherette handlebar allows for the car seat to be carried in a comfortable manner.

the bezel and other accessories

Forged from space grade Aluminium AL6065 and a 50 mm centre stone clear diamond crystal, it is sure to be a highlight to your car seat. Creating an extraordinary piece of modern art. Available in black, gold and silver - you can find the perfect combination.


The One can be installed with either a seat belt or the ISOFIX. Clear guides make installation very easy, ensuring a safe ride for baby.


things they did right

The Bebylux The One should be the envy of all new parents. With beautiful design, bespoke bevels and easy to use ISOFIX it seems to check all the boxes. Using the Bebylux was a true joy.

+ Gorgeous design
+ Bespoke
+ Easy to use ISOFIX

things they can do better

Our main issue with the Bebylux is that the car seat is not on a swivel base. Meaning mums with bad backs might find swivel car seats more suitable. Of course, this means they cannot click their stylish car seat onto the pram.

- Non-swivel

all in all

The Bebylux is the first stylish car seat on the market and has made a statement to the industry. We look forward to their new colours and innovative design ideas.

discount code

We are please to announce a discount combo package for the purchase of any Beblux The One with matching ISOFIX - providing a massive saving of £35!

For full information click here.

To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.
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