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pick of the month - may 2019

Pick of the Month is where we choose a product that we think is the bee's knees. We'll go into extraordinary depth of the product and explain why we think it's brilliant. We'll also point out where it falls short. For people who like skipping and reading just a summary, you can read that if you click here. To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.

Our pick of the month now includes a bonus discount code, found at the bottom of the article!

Our Pick of the Month May 2019 is the...

venicci lANCO

The Venicci Lanco is part of the new 2019 range. With a beautiful gold fabric trim and a new chassis design Venicci has outdone themselves once again..

For full information click here.

the chassis

A lightweight chassis that has improved upon the previous design. With gorgeous wheel rims and plastic tyres, you no longer have to worry about your wheel getting punctured. Big suspension and a small fold make it a perfect chassis.

The smooth leatherette handlebar allows for a comfortable push.

the carrycot

Designed with elegant fabrics and a stylistic metal logo, you have a truly stunning carrycot. With a rocking base, handlebar in hood and a backrest that can raise it is both functional and stylish.

seat unit

The seat unit can face both directions and has a soft inner seat pad for extra comfort. Fully lie flat and seated upright for maximum comfort for your baby.

car seat

Clipping the car seat onto the chassis allows the pram to function as a travel system. Extremely lightweight and comfy for baby. You can install this car seat with an ISOFIX or seat belt.


things they did right

The Venicci Lanco has improved on the design of the previous Venicci models. Non-pump up wheel is a big step in the right direction as it means that the wheels are puncture proof. With lots of suspension in the back wheels, it's going to be a comfortable ride for baby

+ Gorgeous design
+ Big suspension
+ Puncture proof wheel

things they can do better

Unfortunately the shopping basket is still on the small side; so if you do a lot of shopping with baby then you might run into some problems.

- Small shopping basket

all in all

The Venicci Lanco is an improvement to the previous models, the puncture proof wheel are a big plus in our books. The quality is as we have come to expect from the Venicci range.

discount code

We are pleased to announce that as part of our promotion of the model - any purchase made during May 2019 will be subject to a FREE embroidered blanket and a half price ISOFIX!

For full information click here.

To view previous Pick of the Month's, please click here.
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